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2022 2.5*40cm Portable Tourniquet Quick Slow Release Emergency Buckle Tourniquet Outdoor Camping Hiking Survival Equipment

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    2022  2.5*40cm Portable tourniquet  Quick Slow Release emergency buckle tourniquet Outdoor Camping Hiking survival equipment



    Product: tourniquet

    Color: as shown in the figure

    Material: high quality nylon

    Weight: 22g

    Size: 2.5*40cm

    Features: Light, portable, easy to operate, single person can operate with one hand, and can be disinfected and reused.


    1. [100% brand-new quality] 100% brand-new, high-quality nylon, without breaking.

    2. [Small and Portable] The design of medical tourniquet is small and portable, only 22g, which can be used in all-weather conditions with high cost performance.

    3. [Multiple colors] A variety of colors can be selected, which can be used by children, men and women.

    4. [Disinfectable] High-quality nylon material, which supports disinfection, clarity and reuse.

    5. [Simple operation] Simple operation, single person can stop bleeding with one hand, which is necessary for camping emergency.

    6. [Effective hemostasis] Real one-handed tourniquet, using conventional and special combat troops. Relevant experience is that it can effectively block the blood flow of both upper and lower limbs 100%.

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