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First Aid Sealing Chest Tape Chest Seal Vented Perforated Non Perforated Chest Patch Safety Survival Chest Patch Camping Gear

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    Name: Sealed Thoracic Patch


    Genus: four holes, no holes


    Weight: 35g


    Material: hydrogel


    1.Has been tested and designed to perform under extreme conditions with temperature ranges below 32f to over 140f

    2.Foam backing will enable the dressing to conform and hold to the patient’s body

    3.use:EXPOSE and uncover any chest wounds

    OPEN the outer wrapper of the chest seal vented

    4.PEEL OFF the protective liner exposing the adhesive portion of the seal

    PLACE ressing on patient’s wound , adhesive side down

    5.Press dressing firmly to skin to assure an occlusive seal

    PLACE conscious casualty into a sitting position or an unconscious casualty in the recovery position( with their injured side down )


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